Why Going Backwards Is Okay


Once upon a time we thought we had to do things that "real" business people did. We thought we needed an office with a boardroom and a space to host our meetings that looked super duper professional. Cut to now, summer of 2017 and I (Lucy), am now working from home AND in a shared space. I decided that the day I moved house would also be the day I started working from home again. I had more space, and the option of working from home. I had the option of being in a shared studio. So, I took it!

Salt Design Co 4.jpg

To some, it might seem like going backwards. Isn't the goal to start working from home, progress into a shared office, and keep on going up and up? Well, for some people, yes. But for us, taking a step back and going back home home is what we needed to do. 

Why? Because it makes me happy. Because it makes me more productive. Because I live two blocks away from JJ Bean and have a south-west balcony to eat my lunch on in private. And, because this time my desk is in an open plan living/ dining space with big windows. It's nowhere near my bed, but it is in the heart of my favourite neighbourhood. Working from home now works for me.

Does operating a business from my home make me less professional? Nope, and here's why. 

We're the anti-agency. Daphne and I talked about this a lot during our first year of business - how we wanted to do things differently; not be intimidating and stuffy. We didn't want to do business the "proper" way, we wanted to help people like us understand design and see the importance in it. We want to support, to help + to foster friendships with our clients. 

But what did we end up doing? We got an office, with a meeting room. And even though we were running our business with a unique mentality, we were still in a physical space that wasn't quite right for us in the long term. It took a friend to point out that we needed to embrace our personality and way of doing things. So, we have. 

Sometimes, going in the wrong direction just reaffirms that you were going in the right direction to begin with. And that's a-okay with me. Now, we're meeting clients (friends) in a beautiful living room come meeting room and I'm writing this from my couch. Sometimes we still go to coffee shops with clients, and it's great! It's fun. It's relaxed.  We'll continue to embrace the constant change that comes with running a business, because that's all that really matters.