Our Brand Design Process


Each and every designer has their own process and their own way of doing things. It's one of the main things that makes each of us unique as creatives! Here at Salt, we like to let a business plan or strategy lead the way, and design entirely around, and for, that. 

Our brand design process over at Salt Design Co. in Vancouver


Step one to our process is pretty simple. When someone is interested in working with us, they reach out via our project enquiry form and let us know what they need help with. From there we jump on a phone or video chat to talk about your needs, and see how we can best help you. If we are excited by your project and feel that you are too, we send over a proposal document that breaks down the project and includes information about the timeline and cost. If we're all agreed, we get to work! 



Listening to our clients is KEY. We want to hear all about you; what you do, how you do it, and why you do it. Most importantly is WHO you are doing it for. We design specifically to your ideal client so that your business can thrive and grow. We get all this information through a questionnaire we send along right at the beginning of the project.



This one's all on us. 

As soon as we receive your completed questionnaire, we get straight into researching and developing your brand strategy document. We learn more about your industry, what makes you different, and who your competition is. We'll spend time digging deep and really trying to visualize your company and what their place in the world looks like. Our research covers the strategy of your business, but also the visual aspects, as that's what we're here to bring to life!



Now we get to the juicy bits. The design process starts with confirming a style direction, presented through a  mood board that reflects the work we did in the strategy phase. With the style direction confirmed we jump into brand design, and present 1 full iteration of the brand as we imagine it - logo and all. 



Another meeting will take place to review the designs created and confirm the direction we're taking. You'll get to give us feedback based on what your target market will be drawn to, and we'll refine the designs where need be, developing the final brand package as we go. 



The best bit! We hand over your brand package! We'll have a final hand-off meeting and explain everything that's included. We'll even spend some time teaching you how to use your brand, and include some examples of it in action to give you context. 



Once a project has been completed we can help direct your brand, teach you how to implement it, or help you produce marketing collateral for promoting your new business and brand!