Rosanna Chipkin

Rosanna Chipkin is the Community Manager for Salt Design Co. She's an expert linguist, self-professed lover of love, and veteran gummy bear surgeon. When she's not exploring the city through her stomach, she's busy grappling with life's biggest moral and ethical quandaries, like whether it's wrong to eat the entire cheese platter at a networking event.


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Mara Savina Falstein

Mara Savina Falstein is an ambivert, a Northern California native, and a total word nerd. From the big picture strategy down to the nitty gritty of proof-editing, she loves it all. When she's not catching up with good friends, writing in her journal, or taking in the Vancouver seawall by bike, she's a Technical Writer at Expa.

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Mara Savina FalsteinMara