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Making money while you sleep, that’s the dream right?

With our affiliate program you get to talk about something you love, and make money doing it! Add our resources to your blog, your website, your social media - really anywhere you fancy - and make money every time a sale happens thanks to your promotion. Even if you’re asleep.

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How does it work?

You get a special code that all of your friends, family & followers can use when they shop with us to get 10% off. Whether they want to join one of our courses or buy a one off resource they can do use using your unique code! In return, you’ll get 20% commission!

How do I get paid?

We’ll be checking the uses of your code every month, and at the end of each month will send you a payout based on how many sales have been made using your code. We’ll ask you for your email address and send money to that so that it’s all secure and sent straight to you.

So… what’s the downside? I talk about you and make money?

Pretty much! You talk about us, and we thank you in return by sharing the profits around. We’re using the money we make from our sales to grow our business and pay the bills (obvs) but we’re also supporting a local initiative called Girlvana, which you will in turn be supporting by helping us with outreach! The more we empower small business owners like you, the more we can empower teen girls too.

Do I get any help?

You bet! We’ve made a bunch of resources so that you can easily promote Design Build Grow, and we’ll send you an email once you’re signed up with instructions on how to access them.



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