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When we sat down to our first official business meeting (in a freezing cold Tim Hortons) we agreed to make sure that our clients could understand that design really isn’t that hard or complicated. We’ve taken that mission with us throughout our business growth, in our services and by providing education to our community.


Design isn’t as complicated as you might think, and business isn’t all about suits and MBA’s. We vowed to bring that ethos into our services studio, Salt Design Co., and soon enough it became such a focus of ours that we knew we had to expand our educational resources.

Design Build Grow is a direct result of our mission in action. We hosted in-person workshops and events for a year and helped small business owners launch their websites or brands quicker, easier, and much more stress-free than they would have done had they done it alone.


And now, we want to do the same for you. Through Design Build Grow we hope that you will find the support and knowledge you need to feel confident as a freelancer, side-hustler, small business owner, or whatever “preneur” you are.

No matter your budget you should have access to the resources you need and hope to be part of that journey for you. Pop on down to meet us individually and come find us on Instagram to get even more free tips!


 Our mission from day one has been to demystify the glam of entrepreneurship, debunk design jargon and show the world that you don’t have to wear a suit or even have a degree to run a business. We’ve both felt lost, confused, and unsure about what to do with careers and know that we can use that to help other women with their passions - whether it be a side business, their freelance career, or a small business with a team.

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Meet the team behind Design Build Grow


Co-Founder and Mentor

Lucy is a British gal who’s been living here in Canada on and off for almost 10 years! She’s a creative entrepreneur by nature and has varied experience in photography, textiles, fine art, and graphic design. As the Creative Director at Salt Design Co. she’s also a strategic thinker, planning out our next steps, leading our marketing campaigns, and overthinking things constantly.


Co-Founder and Educator

Daphne is a Vancouverite born and raised. Having attended SFU for Criminology, she returned to school to learn graphic design. Daphne is a super logical thinker, passionate illustrator, and obsessive cartoon watcher. As the Art Director at Salt Design Co. she’s also our eye in the sky making sure all projects and designs make sense for our clients and the lead on our course development.


Collaborators and contributors

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Communications Manager


Digital Marketing + SEO specialist


Writer of the F-Word series